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A few of my favorite annual Spring events are: The Madison Kids Expo in March and Listen to your Mother on Mother's Day in May.


Via swissmiss - a kid's wooden chalkboard 'laptop' called i-wood.

Guest Mom Sara: Pregnancy Exercises

Sara Johnson (Mom, Personal Trainer and co-owner of Harbor Athletic Club) specializes in working with moms-to-be or post-baby mamas; a population that is often seen at her club. Read Sara's Top 5 Strength Exercises and Do's and Don'ts during Pregnancy to make sure you're staying healthy and fit for those 9 special months. Then, check out Harbor for Pre/Post Natal fitness classes that include TRX Mamas bootcamp and Yoga Mamas.
Top Five Strength Exercises to do During Pregnancy:
1. Deep, wide-leg squats (use pole or bar for assistance).
2. Wall-washes (back against wall, shoulder blades pressing against wall).
3. Biceps curls with heavy weight (you'll be carrying a baby car seat soon!)
4. Plank on elbows and knees, and side plank.
5. Side-lying leg lifts, circles.
Do's and Don'ts During Pregnancy:
1. Do not hold your breath.
2. Avoid motionless standing (such as waiting in line).
3. Avoid high heat areas/workouts in the first trimester.
4. Do lift weights! 
5. Do not lay on your back for more than a minute after the second trimester.
6. Do alternate hard workouts with easy ones.
7. Get in the pool-the water will help your circulation and help you feel lighter.
8. Do stop if you experience dizziness, shakiness, bleeding, cramping.

Child's Own Studio

This is sweet. You can turn your child's drawing into a soft toy. Child's Own Studio makes custom handcrafted softies from a drawing that you send in… bringing your child's imagination to life. See more local children's stores in Shop for Children.


Binth Baby Book

A friend of mine who's expecting at the end of this month, asked me if I had any suggestions for baby books. Since the design is very important to me, I suggested this one from Binth in grass green or chocolate brown… modern, beautiful and handcrafted. It also includes a keepsake box for photos.

SJP's Minivan

SJP's rockin the Honda Minivan! In a recent interview, Sarah Jessica Parker revealed that she drives her 3 kids around New York in her mommy-mobile. "I sing along all day long as I'm driving my minivan, dropping the kids off. Yes! Respect the van." says Parker. Story and images via Us Weekly & CNN.

Ann Taylor Loft

I recently discovered that Ann Taylor Loft carries maternity clothes online. Stylish, incredibly comfortable pieces that you can wear to work and for the weekend. I love maternity clothes that don't scream "I'm wearing maternity clothes!" See a list of local maternity stores in Shop for Mom-to-be.


Arts and Crafts are great, and these Dino and Robobox Stencils from Stubby Pencil Studio are a perfect addition to your art bin. Both just $10, they're eco-friendly too!


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